2017 Lecture Series

All lectures will be held at:
The Cabin in Avonworth Community Park.
498 Camp Horne Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

The start time, for each lecture, will be 7:00PM.

To get to The Cabin, once you’ve entered the park, cross the bridge, over the stream, towards the main building (The Mayernik Center). Drive to the left, around The Mayernik Center, and follow the road to The Cabin up on the hillside. There is a parking lot to the right of the cabin.

February 21  – Home Movies of the 1936 Flood
Come view one of the earliest collections of home film footage of 1936 Pittsburgh flood. In addition to the film footage, Dan Simkins will share local flood photos from BAAHA’s archives.
Speaker: Dan Simkins

April 11Cobbler of Studio Wrestling
Bucky Palermo, retired legendary cobbler of Pittsburgh’s sports scene and former referee for the WIIC TV Channel 11 Studio Wrestling show hosted by Bill Cardille, will be the guest speaker on April 11thfor the Avonworth Historical Society’s (formerly BAAHA) lecture series. The public is invited to hear Bucky’s stories about sports legends such as PaulCoffey, Jaromir Jagr, Mario Lemieux, Dave Parker, L. C. Greenwood, Bruno Samartino, Johnny DeFazio and Hulk Hogan. Come and enjoy an evening of behind-the-scenes tales about some of our best-loved sports heroes.
Speaker: Bucky Palermo

June 13From the Ice to the Fire
Former Mayor of Monroeville and attorney James Lomeo will share the historical details on his book about a Sicilian immigrant’s death struggle with Pittsburgh politics, Teamsters, and local Mafia.
Speaker: James Lomeo

August 8Studying and Collecting Old and Antique Maps
Michael Frachioni will trace the history of cartography from maps drawn on cave walls 8,500 years ago to the present day, focusing on some famous maps of the 16th – 19th centuries. He will also discuss collecting maps: what makes a map collectable, what to look for, and what values are. Local and national resources for further research and information will also be provided.
Speaker: Michael Frachioni

October 10Kennedy’s Monessen visit
On October 13, 1962 President John F. Kennedy came to the Pittsburgh area and traveled to the Mon Valley steel town  of Monessen. Jack Bergstein, a Monessen attorney, will share stories of JFK’s visit and the impact it made on that region. Also, BAAHA will share photos taken of JFK while he passed through our area, traveling down Rt.65 from the airport, on his way to his final destination.
Speaker: Jack Bergstein

December 12The Chief and I
Len Barcousky, recently retired from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, shares how Chief Kilbuck and he started out in the Lehigh Valley and ended up on the shores of the Ohio River. Through Len’s sharing of these parallels you will learn about this historic local figure and his impact on our region.
Speaker: Len Barcousky